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    Gadgets parameterization issue

    Hi Guys I have some miner problem which is starts to bugging me.

    I am creating gadgets, I want to reuse that widget, so I need to control services and properties via Mashup's (gadget's) parameters.

    I have created several gadgets (EnableParameterEditing is active). If I use the gadget as standalone item in standard Mashup (static or responsive) i can pass the parameters quite ok. If I use those gadgets in Dashboard(s) I am lost. I dont know how to pass required parameters between dashboard and gadget or between different gadgets. I see that I can edit gadgets's parameters manually, but this is not as flexible as I would want it. I would like to do as many work as possible in fully automatic way. Plus, this Edit Gadgets parameters mashup does not always work (see pictures below) and I cannot figure out why. I have One identical gadget, this is added to the same dashboard, but in different groups. If I choose Edit Parameters at the gadget's config icon one shows me a table with all (one) off my parameters that I can edit, the other one shows nothing.


    So I have 2 question:


    How can I pass on parameters to gadgets inside the dashboard?

    And what the heck is going on with that EditParameter section of a gadget?


    Thanks a lot guys

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        carlesc Heavyweight Champ

        That's not easy to answer, lets try...


        • Gadgets on dashboards has static parameter values, it means that the Dashboard doesn't pass any dynamic/variable parameter to the Gadget. It's like you take a photo of gadget parameters values ( from the mashup which contains de Gadget ) when you "send" it to a Dashboard
        • As for the previous sentence, when you ask "How can I pass on parameters to gadgets inside the dashboard?" if I understand well the question --> You can't.
        • About the EditParameters --> This is a new feature of 7.X, an interesting one which allows you to change the previous "photo" of gadgets's parameter values. I'm not on 7.X, but I'm moving soon and I will use for sure.


        Once said previous things:

        • If you want to parametrize Gadgets, you need to build mashups which passes the desired parameters to the gadgets --> "basically" means to put the Gadgets ( Drag an Drop from "Mashups" sheet on Mashup Editor ) on the Mashup, and then bind to the Gadget parameters the desired parameter values.
        • Option 1: from Add Gadget: How do you use this especial mashups, you build the mashup and set the property "MashupToAddGadgets" on Dashboard widget with this Mashup. With this option done, when you are viewing the Dashboard you can use "Add Gadget" from the Dashboard and the previous mashup will appear
        • Option 2: from Edit Gadget Parameters ( TW 7.X ): Same as before but applied to the specific gadget, you have an option apart of the "EnableParameterEditing" on the gadget, which it's "MashupToEditGadget" which allows you to set a especial Mashup to edit Gadget Parameters.


        Hope it helps