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    alexe Apprentice

    Extension Package Testing

    In developing an extension package, has anyone found any good way to programmatically test? It's tricky to develop a fully-equipped testing suite here because you almost have to run them in a running Thingworx server. Its not as simple as JUnit tests running in Eclipse.  I toyed around quickly with trying to include JUnit libraries with my package, hoping to run some live JUnit tests, just to see if its feasible. However, I couldn't get it to import. I didn't try too hard at it, but still... Maybe that's not the way to go anyway.



    I would imagine that as Thingworx pushes their Marketplace more, they would like folks to be fully testing and hardening their code, but there doesn't appear to be any real resources out there for that quite yet. Thoughts? Outside resources? Books I should be reading that might have some similar situation explained? Anyone have any real experience here?


    Thanks for the help!