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    sbestic Explorer

    Thingworx Foundation Tutorial

    Hi, I am working through the tutorial provided but I am encountering errors whenever I attempt to edit and save an existing Thing, Thing Shape or Thing Template

    I first encountered the error on step 6 of the tutorial when adding the Value Stream to the Template.  I was able to work around this by removing and recreating the template.

    Step 7 had the same issue when saving after adding the service for calculatingCost, again, I worked around this by deleteing and recreating the MeterShape.

    Next Step 8 - Create an Event, after adding the alert and clicking update and done works ok, but clicking Save shows the error again.




    I have followed each step line by line, not sure what I am doing wrong.

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        aanjan Heavyweight Champ

        Scott, does it error out for all Things, Templates and Shapes? Can you post your Application log?

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          sbestic Explorer

          Yes, errors on all 3, sorry could not find way to export log, here is a screen shot of after I attempt to add the value stream as per the tutorial step 8






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            jwyatt Explorer

            Greetings, and sorry that you're running into some issues.


            Just wondering, but is it possible that you created your Model Tag in Step 1 with a "space" in-between the words "Foundation" and "Tutorial"?


            In other words, the way we did it was kind of strange (in retrospect). The Vocabulary is "FoundationTutorial", i.e. no space... but the Term is "Home Application", i.e. *with* a space in-between.


            If you either put a space in-between Foundation and Tutorial or did not put a space in-between Home and Application, then you may run into some errors when you try to import the Data Simulator in the final step (as that import assumes the format described above).

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                sbestic Explorer

                I copied and pasted all names from the tutorial so they match

                Currently, I have deleted all links to the Model Tag and am able to work through the rest of the tutorial

                I hope to create the model tag when complete and assign to all when complete