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    Dynamic_thing_templates services working across

    Hi Guys,

    could you unriddle me this?

    I have a mashup (or a widget) I am using it's parameters to pass on the ThingName(s). In that mashup I am using a DynamicThingTeplate_SomeTemplate services such as getPropertyValues or QueryPropertyValues and I am using results in widgets like Gauges or Charts. EntityName is bound to that Mashup's parameter. I was trying to figure out how to make it work even though if a thingName which I am passing on would not have (based on) the same template. If I choose GenericThing (which is origin of all the things) I cannot bind results to the widgets because the datashape of that result is yet unknown. So I chose one template and tried it anyway, and it worked. Even if I passed on a ThingName based on different template. It also works even if the DataShape is not completely the same - If you have like a Gauge and it is bound to one property named Temperature (for an example) and you pass different Thing which also contains property named Temperature, it will work.

    So clearly even though that is Called DynamicThingTemplate_SomeTemplate it is entirely Thing-driven. This is the behavior which I would like to have, but I would like to do it in a way which would be clear and obvious. I cannot based my designs on something which dont fully understand. Maybe its a bug it will be rid off in the future. (exaggerating to make my point).

    Could anyone help me to understand underlying processes to replicate this behavior in more controlled manner?