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    rkandasamy Apprentice

    Error occurred during file transfer

    When i transfer a file from server to SDK, i am getting the result as "Error occurred during file transfer" and don't get any other additional information in the logs.

    Can anybody suggest how to get more detailed information so that it would be easy find out the issue?


    1.I am using dot net edge sdk 5.6 version and connecting to secured(https) thingworx 7.0 server.

    2. we have also turned off windows firewall.

    3. we have tried running the dot net sdk both from corporate and open network.

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        meghan Communicator



        The best way to debug this is put your logging in Verbose mode for the .NET SDK and then review any additional messages that print out around that error. I typically like to look at all the logging for the entire file transfer to see if there are any timeouts or any additional messages that could provide further insight into why there was a failure.


        A few questions I have for you:

        • How large is the file?
        • Does the file transfer run for a bit and then fail, or does it fail a few milliseconds/seconds after starting?
        • Do other file sizes transfer to completion?



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            rkandasamy Apprentice

            Hi Meghan Hollenbach,


            I have added to logs to my dot net SDK. I could get the reason for this partially.


            Please find the error logs below:

            FT_Test_1469179182472.txt | targetChecksum: c92e63a7bd53737f78a9b49e6df1b6b0 | startTime: 1469179182473 | endTime: 1469179184526 | duration: 2053 | state: ERROR | isComplete: False | size: 111 | user: CNHInfosys | message: Error occured during transfer.

            2016-07-22 14:53:17.852Z [L: Error] [T: 14] [U: Radhakrishnan_K02] [O: com.thingworx.communications.client.TwApiWrapper] [Error] twFileManager_GetRealPath: Error getting vdirPath,

            2016-07-22 14:53:17.854Z [L: Warning] [T: 14] [U: Radhakrishnan_K02] [O: com.thingworx.communications.client.TwApiWrapper] [Warning] twFileManager_ListVirtualDirs: Error getting file info for \../Test_FT


            From this i could figure out that, the file transfer fails because the virtual directory is not loaded properly.

            I am not sure why it is not able to get this virtual directory path though i have defined it well using below C# code,


            Dictionary<string, string> virtualDirectories1 = new Dictionary<string, string>();

                        virtualDirectories1.Add("Test_FT", "../Test_FT");

                        virtualDirectories1.Add("Incoming", "../Incoming");

            Prescription DeviceObject = new Prescription(ThingName, "Thing corresponding to Vehicle", mClient, virtualDirectories1);



            Test_FT directory is not getting listed on Remote thing's service BrowseDirectory on Thingworx composer. I don't get more details for this from error logs.

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            sselva Newbie

            Hi Radhakrishnan,

                 Have you tried to set the MaxFileSize property for FileTransferInfo? I need to transfer a 4GB file using .net SDK. Right now I'm able to transfer only file upto 2GB. Can you provide any pointers on how to do it?