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    apetrov Newbie

    How to use ThingWorx edge for IPhone?

    Hello all!


    Anybody knows how to use ThinWorx edge app for IPhone (downloadable from AppStore)? Is it compatible with any demo mashups?


    Thank you!


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        aminec Apprentice

        Hi Alexey,


        The three primary functions of the Thingworx Edge are as follows:

        • Establish and manage a secure AlwaysOn connection with a ThingWorx server. This includes SSL negotiation, and connection maintenance such as reestablishing a connection after network connectivity is lost and restored.
        • Enable easy programmatic interaction with the properties, services, and events that are exposed by Entities running on a ThingWorx server.
        • Provide an abstraction layer, and infrastructure that makes it easy for developers to expose a set of properties and services to the ThingWorx server. These properties and services can be surfaced from multiple Entities running on the client.


        Have you already dowloaded it ?


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          skodam Newbie



          Has anyone managed to connect an iphone to the platform?


          If yes, are there any guides on this?




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              plidbaum Newbie

              I'm wondering the exact same thing---are there any step-by-step guides for how to connect the iPhone app to my local ThingWorks server? The comments on the AppStore says that:


                This app allows you to use your iOS device as an Edge "Thing" for use on your ThingWorx server during the development

                of your smart, connected Internet of Things application.


                The ThingWorx Edge application allows your iOS device to send a wealth of information which is collected on your device

                for use in the creation of Mashups on the ThingWorx platform.


              This sounds like the ideal tool to use when learning to use ThingWorks, but I just can't get it to connect. I enter the server IP and port in the app settings, as well as my appKey and the name of one of my RemoteThings---but the app just keeps trying to connect forever. It never gets listed in the "unbound" remote things either. And don't think that there are any issues with the networking, I can use the REST API from the same iPhone, updating Thing properties using http. But maybe there are other requirements for connecting the app.


              Anyways, a guide (or pointers to any kind of info on this) would be much appreciated...





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              rhole Explorer

              Go to ThingWorx IoT Marketplace

              1.Download Thingworx integration runtime and iOS sdk.

              2.Download tomcat and install.

              3.Follow steps for installation Thingworx composer.

              4.In iOS sdk you will find sample app Steamsensor and Thing_SteamSensor_Entity.xml.

              5.Go to Thingworx Composer import Thing_SteamSensor_Entity.xml.

              6. It contains readymade Stamsensor thing.

              7.You have to create Mashup.

              8.On Composer create one application key copy it paste in Xcode Steamsensor sample app.

              9.Add SSL certificate on Tomcat and local ip address to Steamsensor sample app.

              10. Run it will connect to server.

              We did this thing iOS connection between Thingworx local server.