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    WS EMS or SDK

    Hello All,


    I am about to start a project where we will need to put some sort of agent on a windows based device to communicate with Thingworx.  The agent will need to be able to upload files and parse out info from a txt file so that it can send it as properties to Thingworx.  How do you decide on what form to use, sdk(java) or ws ems?  It seems like they both can do the job, but is there a reason to go one way or the other?  Is it mainly personal preference?  I've worked with the Java SDK before and it was fairly straight forward, but my experience with the ems has been a little lackluster.  I don't want my personal experience to make me choose the wrong way to go .  Thanks for the input!

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        The big question is do you know Lua Script and feel comfortable coding your use case in it? If the answer is no, go with the Java SDK or C# .NET SDK (since it's a Windows device).


        Also, customers typically use the EMS and LSR when they need a gateway scenario set up because it is pretty quick and easy to configure, vs writing all of your own code in Java to handle multiple devices communicating into one Java SDK hosted as a gateway.