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    Postgress installation/setup problem



      Can anyone help me with setting up a PostgreSql DB with thingworx on Windows? I did this many times before and it always worked. But, now when i try to setup postgres by executing the scripts i get the following error: "psql: could not connect to server: Connection timed out (0x0000274C/10060)

            Is the server running on host "thingworx" ( and accepting

            TCP/IP connections on port 5432?

    Press any key to continue . . ."


      The scenario is this:

    1. I installed Postgress(with pgadmin3) and setup the new role twadmin

    2. I add the <postgres-installation>/bin folder to system path;

    3. I create the ThingworxPostgresqlStorage

    4. I execute the thingworxpostgresDBSetup script as follows: thingworxpostgresDBSetup.bat -p 5432 -t localhost -d thingworx -h thingworx -l /ThingworxPostgresqlStorage -a postgres -u twadmin and here is where i get the message error.


      Any idea on how to fix this? Trying to solve this i did the following:

    - reinstall the java on my machine and reinstall different versions of postgres from 9.1 to the latest 9.6

    - open the 5432 port on my firewall;

    - edit the pg_hba.conf file by adding the line: host    all             all               md5


      Any hints would be appreciated


    Thank you,