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    How to start

    Hi, I am new in thingworx. I had attended one training on composer and meshup. I wanted to do some poc with an wifi enabled device.

    Can anybody help me how can I connect? what are the thing required for the integration? how device will get connected and send data?

    FYI-I have configure only composer 7.0.

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        meghan Communicator



        You need to evaluate a few things like:

        • What type of OS is on the wifi device and what are the hardware specs of the device?
        • Are you going to be running an EMS, C SDK, Java SDK, C# .NET SDK on this device?
        • Do you need to transmit a lot of data back and forth between platform and device?
          • It may be easier for you to just send REST requests to the platform rather than open a websocket connection
        • What do you want your model in ThingWorx to look like?
          • Are you just trying to connect a device and collect some data from it or are you modeling something a bit more elaborate?


        ThingWorx 7.0 will be fine for whatever you need to do, but if you don't have any of the Edge software I recommend taking a look at this blog for sending REST calls via Java. If your device can't run a JVM then you will need to send rest requests in another language, such as C.


        Here is a link to the 7.0 Help Center

        Here is a link to the Edge Help Center


        If you have any specific questions definitely take a look around the Community and the Help Centers, or ask follow up questions on this thread.



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            sagrawal Newbie

            Hi Meghan


            Thanks for your reply.

            I am trying to explore the platform by connecting device and showing device data on meshup. Will REST API help me to send data to the meshup. Please update.

            I do not have any EMS, C SDK, Java SDK, C# .NET SDK as such.

            There is a wifi enabled device which send data in REST form (json) format. Wanted to integrate that.

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            meghan Communicator

            REST API Overview and Examples

            The blog above is a pretty good starting point for understanding the ThingWorx REST API and how it works. Keep in mind, you can set properties via a service call as a POST request or a direct property update via a PUT request.


            The REST API can be used to update property values and exercise services. When you build your Mashup you will most likely want to use an Auto Refresh Widget to exercise a service that can then pull new property values into the Mashup from a Thing or multiple Things in your system.

            Currently, Mashups are not automatically updated when new property values are pushed to a Thing, so that is why you will need to use something in the Mashup, like the Auto Refresh Widget, to pull values every x number of seconds.


            FYI, in the future, Mashups can be driven to update based on property pushes to the server.