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    Where I can find the resource of writing 'Resource' of Thingworx by .NET (C#, VB)?

    Hi all,


    I want to create common/shared functions for several applications in the Thingworx.

    So I need to create 'Resource' and functions inside it in the System section of Composer.


    Where I can find the resource of teaching how to write 'Resource' of Thingworx by .NET (C#, VB)?


    I tried to find out current resource. Current 'ThingWorx Extension Development Guide (version 4.0)' and 'Thingworx .NET SDK Developer Guide' do not have tutorials of this topic.

    p.s. The 'Extension SDK' from marketplace and 'ThingWorx-Extension-SDK' from support.ptc.com  are only contains some complied jars. These materials do not have examples and source code of samples.