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    Infotable Data to label chart



    Can anyone tell me how to map infotable data to label chart.I want data from  one row and one field of infotable related to primary key.Should i write service for that and which service is used to map infotable data to label chart.

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        meghan Communicator

        If you only want one value from a specific row and field of an InfoTable then yes you will need to write your own service.

        1. It should first find that value you want in the already existing InfoTable
        2. Then return an InfoTable with only one row and two fields
          • One field containing the numerical value for the y axis
          • A second field containing the value for the x axis
        3. Add that service in your Mashup
        4. Bind the InfoTable result from the service to a Label Chart
        5. On the Label Chart, you can specify what the X and Y axis will represent, so select those values to set the properties of the Label Chart Widget


        That should do it.