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    pbaierl Creator

    Multi-tenancy Guidance

    I need to control access to units based on organization and also level in the organization.  I saw the discussion Multiples organizations but same users which was helpful, but I was wondering if anyone could share some examples on how to setup this network of access.


    Thanks in advance.

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        carlesc Heavyweight Champ

        Hi Paul,


        On our Multi-Tenancy solution we use one different Organization object for each Tenancy.


        Best Regards,

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          pbaierl Creator

          Hi Carles,


          I am trying to hide assets from different divisions of the same organization.


          I am starting small.  I created a single organization with two sub units. 


          I created two users and two things.


          Thing1User and Thing2User

          Thing1 and Thing2


          I gave Thing1User visibility access to Thing1

          I gave Thing2User visibility access to Thing2


          I use the service getImplementingThings() to populate a grid.  I logged in as Thing1User. When the grid loads I can see both Thing1 and Thing2 even though Thing1User does not have visibility access to Thing2.


          I was thinking that Thing2 wouldn't show up because Thing1User doesn't have visibility access to it.  Any thoughts on what I am doing wrong?