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    sabarish Apprentice

    Hide Thumbs.db file


    I am using the GetFileListingWithLinks service on FileRepository Thing to show Files in FileRepository folder.

    I see Thumbs.db sometimes in the Grid.


    Is there a way to hide this file and not show at all in the Grid?




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        aanjan Heavyweight Champ

        Sabarish, I believe GetFileListing would list files regardless of their condition - be it hidden or not. Thumbs.db is essentially a thumbnail database that Windows creates; it's a cache of sorts for Windows to quickly load thumbnail images. It is usually hidden, but the service through ThingWorx will list all files present in that folder. If you don't want the thumbs.db to get generated, you might need to edit the Group Policy section in Windows.

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          sabarish Apprentice

          Thanks Aanjan and Pai.


          I think I will use a wrapped service to exclude this file.