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    Query-sorts works when I test the service, but not in the mashup

    Hi Guys,


    I am dealing with one issue that drives me crazy.


    I have a DataTable. I am storing data into it as they come. For some reason they are not sort by the Key (it is a timestamp).

    So I would like to sort it with following query (property, datatype: Query):

    If I test the service manually, it works as expected - results are sorted  (with sorts and with filters as well):

    But When I try to do it via mashup, it does not seem to work. Result is not sorted. I have also try it via DataFilter widget - that does not accept Sorts queries (Filters seem to work fine).

    Is there some special format which I should use so I can bind Query properties directly to QueryServicesParameters?

    I would like to avoid to create a special service which takes the Query property and calls normal QueryDataTableEntries. I have lot of mashups which I am using standard service and it would be a pain to change it all.



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        It turns out, that is better to write a service which fills your query instead of writing it directly via SET button.

        This is my fillQuery service:

        var query =


            "sorts": [


                    "fieldName": "timestamp",

                    "isAscending": false           



            "filters": {

                "type": "And",

                "filters": [


                        "type": "GT",

                        "fieldName": "AccChannel1",

                        "value": "0.05"



                        "type": "GT",

                        "fieldName": "AccChannel2",

                        "value": "0.05"






        me.TimestampDescendingSortQuery = query;


        This resulting to:



        Assigning query variable to query Property does something on formatting level..