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    How to evaluate a Trend based on TimeSeries data

    Hi Guys,


    This is a quite interesting topic for us (well for me )


    I would like to create a service (or two) which would take InfoTable (from queryPropHistory) as its parameter, and return a trend value.

    One service would return only Number, i.e. 0,1,2 for stagnating, rising and falling and second one would return an InfoTable with Slope value i.g.:


    pointA {

         "timestamp" : "startDate",

         "value" : "1"


    pointB {

         "timestamp" : "endDate",

         "value" : "2"



    So plotted it would return nice little line rising (Slope).

    Reason why use TimeSeries data with query is that I could easily choose a time-frame in which is my trend calculated and compare those across (last day, day before, last week, first Wednesday last month and so on)


    I marked this Topic as an Question, feel free to comment if you have dealt with this.

    I would like to do it today, so If I come up with something I just paste it in.