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    Thingworx mashup to edit/delete/create rows in an InfoTable

    I am trying to create a mashup that does simple CRUD operations on an InfoTable. I suppose this is possible. Does anybody know a tutorial or can point me the right direction for accomplishing this?


    So far I have managed to bind the table to a grid but I am stuck at modifying the data.

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        supandey Ninja

        Hans,since InfoTable is only a datastructure in the memory I think you are looking for persisting this data from the memory to either a DataTable or to an external RDBMS table to store in external database? (That's my assumption when i read through your question where you mention about binding them to a grid and then performing CRUD on that) - correct me if i am wrong.


        Whether you are storing them in a DataTable or externally in a RDBMS system you will need services to perform those operation. If you are using DataTable you can utilize some of the inbuilt services of a DataTable



        You can also try this video for further helpThingWorx Tutorials: Introduction to DataTables


        If you are using external DB, for e.g. Oracle or MS SQL, MySQL, you'll need to create your own services with SQL (much like you would do directly on SQL database) and that Service type will required to be of SQL type (SQL Command or SQL Query - depends on what you are intending to do with that Service) for e.g.


        To work with external RDBMS you'll have to create a Thing which will inherit Thing Template of type of Database you are attempting to connect to. You can import the extensions from http://marketplace.thingworx.com/Items/Relational-databases-connectors


        Hope this helps