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    kjeong Newbie

    Property 'LightStatus' has a value of 'undefined'

    Dear. all..


    I'm trying "ThingWorx Raspberry Pi Quickstart" in DASHBOARD.

    I finished all step not this one.

    At Step 12 (last)

    -Modify the agent on your Raspberry Pi

      -> 8. The terminal menu should once again appear, and we can select the third menu item, 3) Basic Thing with Property

    then I received this message from pi.

    "SELECTED: Basic Thing with Property

      Running Example #3: minimal agent w/ property

      [Force] twWs_Connect: Websocket connected!

      Connected to Thingworx with Thing 'HomeLight0'

      Property 'LightStatus' has a value of 'undefined'


    The problem is last line. "  Property 'LightStatus' has a value of 'undefined'"


    How am I solve this problem?

    Help.. me.... PLZ....