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    calculate Max and min value from QueryPropertyHistory

    I have computed values on a day which is temp_min, temp_max


    these are stored in value stream


    is there anyway to get the max and min values logged into query property history on a particular day ?




    when i compute min and max value in query property history on date 8/18/2016

    the result should be

    temp_min : 3

    temp_max : 53


    am very new to thingworx .please and kindly tell me is there is any way to compute this way in query property if so please give me the example code snippet


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        tcoufal Communicator

        There are two ways ho to achieve this non if which with standard query service.

        You can create one service which queries your source (pre-defined or dynamic) does the calculation and returns back the result.

        Or you can tether up two services together so it is easier to use in mashups. (my favorite )


        Start with creating Thing let say MinMaxCalculator

        create a service in that thing called calculate

        create three input parameters:







        var valuesRowCount = values.getRowCount();


        var min = 1000000; // some ridiculously high min

        var max = -1000000; // some ridiculously low max


        var count = 0;


        for (var i=0; i < valuesRowCount; i++)


            if (!y || !z){continue;}    // skip empty cells - that does happen with value streams

             min = (values.rows[i][propertyName2] < min) ? 'values.rows[i][propertyName1]' : 'min';   

             max = (values.rows[i][propertyName2] > max) ? 'values.rows[i][propertyName2]' : 'max';

             count++; // that is not always the same as valuesRowCount



        // output form schema

        var params = {

          infoTableName: "tempInfoTable" /* STRING */




        var table = Resources["InfoTableFunctions"].CreateInfoTable(params);


        table.AddField({name: "min", baseType: "NUMBER"});

        table.AddField({name: "max", baseType: "NUMBER"});

        table.AddField({name: "from", baseType: "DATETIME"});

        table.AddField({name: "to", baseType: "DATETIME"});


        table.AddRow({min: min, max: max, from:values.rows[0].timestamp, to: values.rows[count-1].timestamp});


        var result = table;


        This should do the trick, sorry made it in hurry.


        I recomend that you create a DataShape as well which corresponds with above schema. (i.e min,max,from,to) and assign this datashape to output parameter of your service which must be type of infotable of coarse.


        Now you can call QueryPropertyHistory (or QueryStreamEntriesWithData, or even QueryDataTableEntriesWithData) and take its result as input parameter for your calculate function, than you only need to set the PropertyName1 and 2 to which columns you want to use.


        Hope that helps.

        Let me know it that is working, havent tried it.

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            sbeyene Newbie

            For a related question...


            What is the process to add an alert on a streaming signal?  I.e. conduct real time MAX/MIN query and send a value that passess a pre-determined threshold as an alert?



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                tcoufal Communicator

                Sorry dont quite follow your question.

                What do you mean by real time Min/Max query?

                Well you can add a subscription on dataChange or on anyDataChange on Stream that you are using to store your data.

                Hovever anyDataChange event is not fired when storing entries into the stream, so you will have to add an additional property lets say:



                in your code which handles the storing procedure you can increment "count" value.

                You can use that property as the source for your subscription. Than you will run your services, something like this:

                var query = yourqueryhere



                your params here


                var myData = Things["myStream"].QueryStreamEntriesWithData(params);








                var result = Things["MinMaxCalculator"].calculate(params);

                if (result.min < 10) { fire a custom event};

                if (result.max > 20) { fire a custom event};



                This is not a functional code..... But it should give you some ideas.

                Than you can create your custom event, with your custom properties that you want to pass on as parameters to your subscribed Entities.

                In those subscription you can make any steps that you want..

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                  tcoufal Communicator

                  If you are using ValueStream in let say myThing than you can add me.anyDataChange as source or you can pick only property that you are logging (you know, to spare some resources..)

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                      sred Explorer

                      Thank you so much for the effort for answering my question


                      My thing works this way


                      i have thing called hotel

                      which have properties Temperature, temp_min, temp_max


                      am using subscription to the temperature property to trigger

                      I created a timer thing which which will create the random values to the Temperature every 4 hrs


                      I have created a counter in the subscription which will go to 6 times and reset




                      So in a day i count for 6 times and get the max, min value recorded on that day and will plot it on the time series chart


                      My  problem is how can i use the date function to get the date of temp_min,max recorded.