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    VTQ how does that work

    Hi guys,

    does anyone knows how TQ are defined and processed in ThingWorx.

    We are use to seeing those VTQs in SCADA systems, where the quality tag travels across whole system from its source(PLC) to the consumer(OPC client).

    I have not found anything about this in Thingworx reference guide.

    If you display my property as VTQ all of those are GOOD, so I kind a missing the point.

    It has to do something of coarse, otherwise it would not be there..


    Any knowledge about this stuff?






    Enjoy your weekend.

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        pchung Collaborator

        VTQ indeed matches up with SCADA systems.

        You can write VTQ from the Agent to a property, you can even do it through services/rest api

        If you don't provide T or Q then T becomes the time of the update and Q becomes either unknown or good, sounds like it becomes good from your experience.

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          ttielebein Collaborator



          SetPropertyVTQ just allows for a datetime and quality status to be set when setting a property. This can be used for charting the property updates in Time Series Charts, logging the property updates, etc. The service definition can be found in the Help Center. Here is an example of a SetPropertyVTQ call from the .Net SDK:


          using com.thingworx.types.primitives.structs; // this is for VTQ object

          using com.thingworx.types.primitives; // for the primitive object below (other examples are IntegerPrimitive or NumberPrimitive)

          using com.thingworx.types.constants; // this contains the QualityStatus class


          this.setPropertyVTQ("Property1", new VTQ(new StringPrimitive(value), DateTime.Now, QualityStatus.GOOD), true); // give the property name, the VTQ information, and a boolean which tells the method whether or not to force an update


          Hope this helps at all!