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    SetConfigurationTable not working

    Using Thingworx 7.1.2:


    We have noticed that if we call (via Thingworx REST calls) SetConfigurationTable and pass in some JSON with more than one property then calling GetConfigurationTable (again via REST) will return us the new values we set. However, looking at the configuration in the Thingworx composer shows us that these values have not been set. Restarting Tomcat confirms that the values are lost.

    We have also tried calling SaveConfigurationTables() after making these changes but that has no impact.


    Setting a single value in the SetConfigurationTable call works correctly and the changed value is persisted between tomcat restarts too (we left the SaveConfigurationTables() call in there, don't know if this was necessary but I assume it is otherwise what is this function there for?)


    So, my question is are we doing something wrong? Is there a step missing?


    Thanks - Brad