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    Connect TWX to Firebird using JDBC driver

    I'm trying to connect to a Firebird DB using JDBC connector. I used the JDBC Connector Extension (from Marketplace) to create my template using Jaybird 2.2.11 and I imported it correctly.

    Then I created a new Thing based on that template with the following configuration:

    • JDBC Driver Class Name: org.firebirdsql.jdbc
    • JDBC Connection String: jdbc:firebirdsql://[IP:PORT]//D:\...\.FDB
    • connectionValidationString: SELECT * FROM [KNOWN TABLE]
    • Database User Name: [USER]
    • Database Password: [PASSWORD]


    If I check the "isConnected" property, the value is false and if I try writing a service (SQL query) I received an error loading tables/columns.


    What's wrong with my configuration? What should I try to solve it?