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    Displaying image in email help

    I am using the SendMessage service of a mail server thing. The following syntax will show the image in an email if I bring it up on my iPhone, but not if I open it up on my PC. Anyone know why? Also, how do I get the URL of a media entity? This is a random test url that I used here but I need to be sending a media entity picture in the email and I don't see where the url can be found.

    Thanks in advance for the help. (some info replaced with astericks)





    var params = {

                    cc: undefined /* STRING */,

                    bcc: undefined /* STRING */,

                    subject: source + "-" + CustomerName + "- " + "Red Humidity Alarm = " + Things[source].CellHealthTestTankHumidity /* STRING */,

                    from: "***@***.com" /* STRING */,

                    to: "***@****.com" /* STRING */,

        body: eventData.description +

    "<br> TALKING POINTS:"  +

    "<br> ****** was notified of an issue concerning the high pressure system and will be sending a FSE out to correct" +

    "<br> the concern immediately." +

    "<br> **************************************************************************************************" +

    "<br> The CASE generated for this customer should have the following PSCA codes:" +

    "<br>     - Problem Code - High pressure system" +

    "<br>     - Symptom Code - Humidity alarm" +

    "<br>     - Cause Code - Dryer" +

    "<br>     - Action Code - Replace Dryer" +

    "<br> **************************************************************************************************" +

    "<br> *******FSE Resolution Steps to determine the issue.******" +

    "<br> Determine if the site is currently using UL or Non UL dryers? " +

    "<br> <img src=\"https://www.binarymoon.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/draw-something-unicorn-e1334932907258.png\" alt=\"Dryer Image\" style=\"width:128px;height:128px;\">" +

    "<br>  We will need to validate the following if not already done so:" +

    "<br>  1- Clean Heat exchanger. You will need to remove it and separate from the fan to clean. See PM document for detailed instructions." +

    "<br>  2- Validate the water level in Bulk Water site window is no more than 5/8 full and the hose going into the evaporator is not kinked or restricted" +

    "<br>  3- Validate the Fan on Heat Exchanger is operating correctly and properly oriented " +

    "<br>  4- Length of time to charge the HP from 0 to 90" +

    "<br>  5- Cut-in and Out pressures for Compressor on the Condor " +

    "<br>  6- Validate the condition of the compressor Intake Filter" +

    "<br>  7- Validate the condition of the Compressor Cooling Filter" +

    "<br>  8- Validate that there is a small amount of air being discharged out the desiccant tube not in use and switches every 30 seconds (see KCS article for testing)" +

    "<br>  9- On UL style" +

    "<br> \t a. Verify the muffler is not restricting the air flow" +

    "<br> \t b. Is there a lot of humidity in the Tube?" +

    "<br> 10- Change the Mist Filter" +

    "<br> 11- Change the Bulk Water Filter"





    /* HTML */




    // no return