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    ashleyg Apprentice

    Google Maps Widget Modal Popup Bug

    Hi All,


    Just wondering if everyone else is experiencing the same issue.


    I am using ThingWorx 7.2 and Chrome for displaying a Google Maps widget on a modal popup (static mashup) along with some other widgets (labels, list etc).

    When viewing this modal popup, through a Navigation Widget, the Google Maps Widget tends to display fine. However if I close this modal popup and reopen again by clicking the Navigation Widget the Google Maps Widget disappears, this happens for all subsequent times I open the modal popup until I refresh the page. I have also noticed this problem happening in previous versions of ThingWorx (7.1, 6 etc).


    I have tried this using FireFox and the problem is even worse as I cannot get the Google Maps widget to display at all on a poup.


    This is a rather annoying bug as it means that Customers would have to refresh the page everytime they want to open a modal popup (which may be several times on the same page).


    Is anybody else experiencing this issue? Is there a workaround or do I need to open a case to PTC?


    Many Thanks