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    Sending Data from C - Files or XML - Files from Client to specific Thingworx Server

    Hello everybody,


    I started working on a project using the Thingworx IoT Platform.

    My goal is the following one:


    • Sending HW - Information from a Linux Client using the Linux API (CPU Usage, Temperatur, Disk Space etc.)
      • I already have this data in my C - Files (double vals) and also logged in a xml file client - sided


    So I am searching for a way or a C - FIle that uses the Thingworx API. The goal is to send my data to a specific IP Adress (for example: and visualize this data in the localhost composer of the server (a simple table would be ok for the moment).


    How I is the way to solve this in the Thingworx Composer? New Thing Template, Thing, Application, Data Shape...?!


    I already downloaded the C SDK client - sided.


    Thank you very much!