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    bradm Newbie

    Has anyone had issues getting the data from the ADXL362 on the Analog Devices IoT Sensor Test Board when using a Raspberry Pi 3?  This was part of a demo at LiveWorx 2016 and it is only returning zeros no matter the orientation.

    During LiveWorx 2016 Oreilly Media put on a hands on workshop as part of an IoT Learning Lab in which a Raspberry Pi 3 and a HAT from Analog Devices were used to demonstrate how to bring sensor data into the Thinworx platform.


    I have been looking at the example from the this demo and have got everything to work minus the accelerometer data for the ADXL362 that is part of the HAT.  Has anyone else had issues getting the accelerometer data and if so what did you do to get this working.


    Much appreciated