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    How to Send Email to Change Password once user is created?



    I am newbie to ThingWorx and I want to know that how can i send email to User once it is created in ThingWorx composer.


    Usecase is as follow:


    I want to send Email to user once user is created in ThingWorx Composer. In this Email user will get DefaultUsername, DefaultPassword and hyperlink to reset/Change the password before user login first time in ThingWorx Enviroment.



    Thanks in Advance.

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        There is not built-in way to know if a User was created, but what you can do is write a custom service to create Users which triggers an event. You can use the CreateUser snippet found in the service editor, and then trigger the event by first creating an event on the Thing, then going to the "Me" tab in the service editor and selecting the blue arrow next to the event you just created. You also will need to import the MailServer extension which can be found on the ThingWorx Marketplace. Here, you will need to create a new thing with the MailServer template, configure this to use some existing mail server to send and receive emails, and then create a subscription to your event on your thing which sends an email using your MailServer. An example of how to configure the MailServer for Gmail, as well as some known issues that may need to be resolved with your IT department in order to use this extension, can be found in KCS Article CS236135


        Hope this helps!