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    Service: Dynamic number of input

    Is it possible to give a service a dynamic number of input?

    I have two group of things:

    group A: structures (100 things)

    group B: element (created by the user)


    In my mashup I have two lists widget, one for group A and one for B.

    Since the user may create the element thing, the group B will be update time by time. The user must also be allowed to assign a structure to an element:

    I created a helper thing with a service which has as input structureName and elementThing.

    By selecting the element name and the structure name on the lists a property called "elementFather" in structure will be updated with the name of the element thing.

    This works.

    What I want to do is a multiselection of structures.

    Since several structures may be assigned to a single element I would like the user, instead of doing it one by one, may do a multi selection from the list but this means that my service has a higher number of input which change time by time OR that my input structureName is not a string but an array.

    Is this possible?