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    Problems receiving messages with the RabbitMQ Extension

    I have issues receiving messages from a RabbitMQ broker using the RabbitMQ extension.

    I followed the steps from the extension guide and succesfully sent a messsage from thingworx to my broker.


    Then i created a thing that implements the RabbitMQReader template with the configuration i used for the sender.

    But if i try to read messages from the broker with the "GetLastMessages" service it always returns

    an empty message. (see screenshot below)


    What i have noticed is that after the "GetLastMessages" service was called the messages in the queue of the broker

    switch from ready to the unacked state. As far as i know this means that the message was delivered

    but the broker still waits for an acknowledgment from the client.


    Does anyone got the extension to run properly or has an idea what this particular problem could be?