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    magrawal Apprentice

    Where to find Thingworx Utilities Console?

    Hello guys,


    As title stated I want to manage alerts and assets for my application. I found documentation on Thingworx utilities here:- ThingWorx Converge Help Center
    but I didn't get any document on where is Thingworx utility console? How could I use this console?

    Looking for guidance. Thanks!




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        pchung Collaborator

        I usually search for Console among mashups, it is called PTC.ConvergeConsole I believe

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          Ravi Upadhyay Communicator

          Hi Meenakshi Agrawal


          If you were a paying customer wishing to make use of the Utilities Extensions specifically, then you would perform the following steps:

          1. In the Search the Marketplace… field, enter the word utilities
          2. Click the Search “magnifying glass” button
          3. In the search result list, the three you are interested in are the ones with the heading APPS & EXTENSIONS along with the “By:” line of ThingWorx
          4. Alternately, you may access these extensions directly via these links:
            1. ThingWorx Remote Access & Control
            2. ThingWorx Software Content Management
            3. ThingWorx Workflow Management
          5. For each one of the above Extensions, click on its link to bring up its respective page
          6. On the Extension’s page, click on Download Application
            1. This will save the Extension’s .zip to your personal computer
            2. Please ensure that the location is one which you will remember
          7. Repeat this process for each of the above Extensions until you have all three .zip files saved to your personal computer


          • Select EXTENSIONS -> Import
          • Select Choose File
          • Navigate to the location where you have downloaded your Utilities Extensions .zip files
          • Select one of these .zip files and hit OK
          • Select Import
          • Confirm that you receive an Import Successful notification
          • Repeat this process for your other two .zip Extensions
          • Click Close on the Import Extensions pop-up menu


          • Click on VISUALIZATION -> MASHUP
          • In the Type to filter list… field at the top, type in console
          • Click on the “Magnifying Glass” for PTC.ConvergeConsole to open a new tab in View-only mode
          1. Note that you want the PTC.ConvergeConsole Mashup with the Description of Mashup for PTC Utilities Console
          • Click on View Mashup
          • You should see tiles for the following which are not part of default TWX Utilities
          1. Workflow Builder
          2. Workflow Manager
          3. Software Content Management
          • Note that you will not see a tile for RAC, as that Extension directly adds functionality to the Asset Manager (for which you should see a tile, as per default ThingWorx Utilities)

          Let me know if you find this useful and/or if you need further help in this regard.

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            ckreager Newbie

            This was helpful.


            For ThingWorx 8.0.0-b11, importing ThingWorx Utilities 7.4.0

            Here are the extra extensions/prerequisites identified by clicking on Verify before clicking on "Import" of file "TW_Download_ThingWorx Utilities.zip"

            • TW_Download_Web Sockets Tunnel Widget And Library.zip
            • TW_Download_Google Maps Widget.zip
            • TW_Download_Mail Extension.zip

            As stated before, all of the above extensions you can search for on Marketplace with heading APPS & EXTENSIONS along with the “By:” line of ThingWorx