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    aarasan Newbie

    Issue with PostgreDBSetup



    I'm trying to install Thingoworx 7.1 and I have installed postgreSQL that i got along with the installer and the Database user login was also created as twadmin.


    When i configure and execute the thingworxPostgresDBSetup.bat script, i end up with the below error


    I had highlighted the way i execute the scrip in yellow colour. I had also attached the batch file that I'm executing in this post. Can someone help me out?


    Thanks in advance!


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        aminec Apprentice

        Hi Arasan,


        Here are below some basic troubelshooting tips when installing Postgresql DB for ThingWrox. I hope this helps:


        • Ensure 'ThingworxStorage', 'ThingworxPlatform' and 'ThingworxPostgresqlStorage' folders are created
        • The folders have to be present in the root directory unless specifically changed in any configurations
        • Recommended to grant sufficient privileges (if not all) to the database user (twadmin)
        • Note: While running the script in order to create a database, if a schema name other than 'public' is used, the "search_path" in "postgresql.conf" must be changed to reflect 'NewSchemaName, public'
        • Grant permission to user for access to root folders containing 'ThingworxPostgresqlStorage' and 'ThingworxPlatform'
        • The password set for the default 'twadmin' in the pgAdmin III tool must match the password set in the configuration file under the ThingworxPlatform folder


        Best Regards,


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          sshi Newbie


          please  open your thingworxPostgresDBSetup.bat file and replace tablespace_location to your real location。

          such as:

          SET tablespace_location=E:/ThingworxPostgresqlStorage

          then clean your old operation and double click thingworxPostgresDBSetup.bat。


          Best Regards,


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            sdo Newbie


            1. Give all permission to the folder (C:\ThingworxPostgresqlStorage)





            2. Use the following command below:

              thingworxpostgresDBSetup.bat -a postgres -u twadmin -l C:\ThingworxPostgresqlStorage




            3. Result:


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              sdo Newbie

              Do you make a directory (ThingworxPostgresqlStorage)?