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    Exporting Data Question

    Is there a way to export my historic/logged data to an external server?


    I will need to export a number of data items.  I will have to export a combination of data sets (individual parameter data, thing parameter data, data from a group of things)


    Any guidance on where to start looking on how to do this would be greatly appreciated.





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        carlesc Heavyweight Champ

        You can use this library https://marketplace.thingworx.com/Items/csv-parser  in order to generate CSV files with the data you want to export.

        Also you can generate easily JSON files and or XML

        Don't use this extension https://marketplace.thingworx.com/Items/Data%20Export%20Extension as the Excel generated will be a pain to process ( almost all the data it's not generated on the correct Excel data format )


        It will depend on how you want to ingest the exported data.


        To query the data, if it are on ValueStreams, you will need to use Query"baseType"PropertyHistory to get the data, if it are Streams the corresponding QueryStream services.


        On previous versions ( before 6.5 ) with exporter services you where able to generate XML/JSON files for Data, but not (at least from composer) it's not possible, it exports the data on propietary binary format that you will need to reverse-engineer.


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