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    aarasan Newbie

    Installing PTC Navigate



    Has anyone installed PTC Navigate with Windchill PDMLink 10.2 M030?


    I have a generic question - for installing PTC Navigate the installer guide from reference document states that we need to have an installation of Thingoworx, but is there a way that we can install Navigate without installing Thingworx?


    Thanks in advance!

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        pchung Collaborator

        Besides the piece that is installed in Windchill, Navigate is really a way to leverage auth and api interaction between Windchill and Navigate.

        So I would say that you need Windchill and Thingworx to use Navigate.


        I'm not 100% clear, but I believe Navigate is using native capabilities to work with the Windchill api (including the ability to execute info engine tasks and other parts)

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          rbollapragada Newbie

          Navigate is a Thingworx extension and therefore you do need Thingworx. For the xLM apps to work correctly, you need other dependencies (navigate framework, windchill extension, ptc-identity). Check the installation guide on the support site.