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    Problem with configuring ThingWorx Single Sign-On when Connecting to Windchill

    Hey guys,


    I am trying to install the PTC Windchill Extension. Now I am at the step to "Configuring ThingWorx Single Sign-On when Connecting to Windchill", like it is called in the Guide. I have copied the ptc-identity-provider-authentication-filter- {version}.jar file in the ThingWorx Tomcat installation directory and then I added a code-block to the : .\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat 8.0\ webapps\Thingworx\WEB-INF\web.xml file. The problem is, when I try to open the Composer I only get a white screen in browser and in the browser bar stands "http://localhost/Thingworx/Home?key=uD5Az-f6o2.W4o3Q8twKtkt7.nc.eeih448eNi9mfbink.b1l4kmN95bd.HmX"


    Does anyone have an Idea?