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    Value Stream Question

    I am attempting to setup a value stream for my mashups so I can view historical data.  I have my value stream setup correctly based on the information I have found online.  I have my value stream linked to my thing template.


    I setup my some of my properties to be logged as ALWAYS.  I have let the device push changing data values for a few hours.  However, I don't see any values when I run the service QueryPropertyHistory.  I see the values I setup to be logged, but no data is showing up.


    The values I am trying to logged are info tables.  One parameter in the info table is being updated.  I am not sure if the save is being triggered or if I do not have something linked correctly.  Also, the parameter logging is being turned on/off via a script.  I didn't setup the logging when the parameter was initially configured.


    Query Results

    Value Stream Configuration


    Thing information/configuration


    I have also tried linking the value stream to the thing template as well as the thing itself to see if that was the issue.