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    fliu Explorer

    Import a custom widget error

    I imported a custom widget into thingworx,and it showed successful,but this widget is not in the mashup list ,and at the same time,the other widget i imported before are not in the list too.

    what is the possible reason

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        carlesc Ninja

        Did you refreshed the browser windows?

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          Ankit Gupta Ninja

          Hi Fen Liu,


          Check the application logs to see if the extension was imported successfully?

          Also try importing an extension from ThingWorx marketplace to see if it works fine.

          I would also suggest you to do a quick restart of ThingWorx if the issue persist.



          Ankit Gupta

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            ttielebein Collaborator

            Can you try clearing your browser cache or using a new browser and see if they are there? Usually they would just appear after a browser refresh. Were you trying to say with your one comment that some which you had previously imported which did appear there stopping appearing after you imported a new widget? So now there are multiple missing widgets, some of which used to appear before?

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              Ravi Upadhyay Communicator

              I believe , you are using IE11, I faced the similar issue where the custom widgets were not visible on mashup in IE11 whereas it was visible on Chrome and other browsers.

              Please let me know if you are facing the similar issue on other browsers as well.

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                dclayworth Apprentice

                The fact that your other widgets have also vanished indicates a failure of the extension load. Failures to load extensions are not always reported in a clear way.(The fact that the extension loader reported success does not always mean the extension successfully loaded.)

                First check your monitor logs to see if an error has been reported there.


                If there are no errors indicated in the logs, use the browser debug tools to check for error messages during import. Some errors in the IDE JS  file will not be detected when the extension is built. Instead the load of CombinedExtensions*.js file will fail, with the only reporting of the error going to the browser console. If there are errors there then it will give you the line number in CombinedExtensions*.js, from which you should be abhle to indentify the offending line in your source.

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                    fliu Explorer

                    Hello David, Thanks for your answer,i am using Chrome, and i did as you said to open the browser console ,and the error is "Invalid format: ThingWorx TXP files must be uploaded as multi-part files.",but i don't think this is the reason of my problem, because  i tried to import "AutoComplete" Widget from the Marketplace, the browser Consle gave the same error,and the "AutoComplete" Wideget imported successfull

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                    sdejager Explorer

                    Have you checked that your custom widget does not share names with the one that is disappearing?
                    If there is a conflict between to widgets sometimes neither of them shows in the list anymore.