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    dbryant Newbie

    Need help testing MS SQL Connection

    New to Thingworx! I have a MS SQL Connection Thing. What is the easiest way to test this connection? How do I test a query on it?

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        jserrano Apprentice



        First of all, you need to download the Relational Databases Connector from Thingworx Marketplace where you will have access to a user guide tho. Once you have downloaded the connector, you need to import it into your Thingworx platform. After that, you will be able to create things impmlementing the Data Base Thing Template, configure the IP, Port, user and password of your MS SQL DB and finally generating services in order to run any type of queries.


        If you need further or more specific help, let me know and I can help you.

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          Ravi Upadhyay Communicator

          The Relational Databases Connectors Extension for the ThingWorx Platform provides thing templates to enable you to connect to the most popular relational database servers. Using these templates in ThingWorx Composer, you can create connector things that configure a connection to a supported relational database server. To interact with the database server, you can write services for these things, using Javascript, or SQL queries and commands.



          Following databases can easily connected by this extenstion.



          Oracle Database – versions: 11, 12

          MySQL – versions: 4.1, 5.0, 5.1, 5.5, 5.6, 5.7

          Microsoft SQL – versions: 2008, 2012, 2014

          PostgreSQL – versions: 7.2 and newer

          IBM DB2 – versions: 10.1, 10.5



          Ravi Upadhyay

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            Ankit Gupta Ninja

            Hi @David Bryant,


            You can simply creating a test table in MySql DB and add a row.

            Then create a service to read it from ThingWorx.

            This would confirm its working fine.

            Easier way would be to just check IsConnected property is true. This confirms that the Connection has been made with the DB.

            But I prefer the first method to be sure.


            I hope it helps.



            Ankit Gupta