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    Grid Updates

    Is there a way to update a grid value(s) without refreshing the grid and loosing your viewing spot?


    I currently just have an auto refresh widget that refreshes the data in my grid.  However, this redraws the entire grid and you loose your spot if you scroll to the bottom of the grid.

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        carlesc Heavyweight Champ

        If you have a selected row it must focus the selected row on reload, if you don't have any selected row it will go to the beginning.


        There's a  CurrentScrollTop and a ScrollTop bindable property on Grid widget I never used it, but I've done a fast mockup and it works :

        1. Add two new Expression Widgets
          1. Add to both a position parameter as Numeric
          2. inside both expression widgets expression property write: position
          3. FireOnFirstValue = true
          4. Autoevaluate = false
          5. DataChangeType=Always
        2. First expression widgt
          1. Bind Grid CurrentScrollTop to position parameter
          2. Bind the Refresh event to the first expression widget Evaluate
          3. Bind the Output of first expression widget to the input parameter position of the second expression widget
        3. Second Expression Widget
          1. Bind Output to the Grid ScrollTop property
          2. Bind your the event "ServiceInvokeComplete" from the service wich fills the grid   to the Second expression widget Evaluate and you are done