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    jasong Creator

    Changing default value on property definiton

    I am unsure of the best way to change the default value on a property definition on a ThingShape when that ThingShape is instantiated on 1 or more things. I am doing this from within the Java SDK.


    We of course have ThingShape.AddPropertyDefinition() but once that is created, the only way I can see to update the default value is to remove the property definition and then add it again with the new data. That feels unsafe, when the shape is used by one or more Things, although I suspect that the values on things will be retained over that moment of not actually having a property definition.


    I'd be interested in hearing how you folks think I should handle that situation, to remove and add, whether I need to RestarThingsImplementingThingShape afterwards, or there is a seemingly more legit way to do it or if can be added to the SDK in a future version... etc.


    Thanks everyone!