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    Client certificate authentication in Java



    I'm looking for an example or other resource to assist with configuring client certificate authentication in Java. Several pages of the Edge Help Center/Java SDK Developer's guide refer to client authentication as a supported feature, but I don't see any examples for configuring this. The procedure is apparently different than with the .NET SDK, as the Java ClientConfigurator does not seem to have methods for ClientCertFileInfo/ServerCertFileInfo as the .NET ClientConfigurator does. If anyone could point me to an example or documentation that explains how to select a client certificate file for securing the connection to Thingworx, I would appreciate it greatly. In fact - and I'm guessing this is similar - it would be helpful to get an example for setting the truststore on the client for validating the server SSL certificate as well. I realize I can do this through the JRE cacerts truststore but I don't want to alter the machine-wide configuration if possible. Thanks!