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    nadams Explorer

    Two sets of dashboards

    I want to show different dashboards for Things and collections of Things.


    But I also want to allow users to create their own dashboards in each of the categories. Is there a way to have two sets of dashboards one assoicated with one dashboard viewer widget and the second assoicated with a second dashboard viewer widget.


    I don't want to allow users to select a dashboard meant for a collection when viewing a thing and viceversa.

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        pchung Collaborator

        You will not be able to easily mix and match multiple dashboard tabs the way you describe it.

        With a little leverage of the scripts available, you can probably set it up such that the Gadget Library only shows Gadgets of a certain type. But you would need to trigger off some session parameter which itself is triggered off which Dashboard you are looking at.

        Almost impossible I think.


        What can be done reasonably, is to have two dashboards, maybe a mashup with initially two tabs or a menu that switches between Thing vs. Template and on each of those you have a dashboard with its own library associated with it.