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    pbaierl Creator

    Custom Dashboards Per User

    Is it possible create custom dashboards for each user that logs into an organization?


    Example.  Start off with no dashboards and have them click create a dashboard.  The only user that would be able to see the newly created dashboard is the one that created it.  This allows each user to have their own custom set of dashboards that no one else can modify or adjust.





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        supandey Ninja

        Hi Paul, this should be possible by configuring the Dashboard visibility please give this documentation a try.


        Hope this helps.

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          carlesc Heavyweight Champ

          Yes it's possible, it's how we had configured it. Despite you can share Dashboard between Organizational Units to have common dashboards.


          Just put the Dashboard widget on a Mashup, and set:

          • AllowCreateDashboard=true
          • AllowShareDashboard=as you prefer
          • AllowDeleteDashboard=true
          • AllowEditDashboard=true
          • AllowAddGadget=true
          • MashupToAdd... = You should create a mashup from where the user picks the desired gadgets



          Permissions, on Dashboards CollectionPermissions->

          • Visibility -> No visibility
          • Design Time -> You should give Design Time permissions to users which will create Dashboards
          • Run Time Permissions -> Property Read and Service Execute



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            rpallares Explorer



            I have exactly the same demand. The dashboard widget seems to be the perfect solution.

            But I don't really find real documentation on how to use it.


            How the MashupToAdd shall be implemented?
            Is exists some examples or juste a default MashupToAdd dashboard?

            How can I link data to the user dashboard?