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    How to test Send Email with ThingWorx 6.5



    I am newbie to ThingWorx and I want to test how can i send an email using ThingWorx 6.5.

    For the same I am want to know further steps to be followed, till now I did below basic steps,


    1. Create a Thing
    2. Filled "General Information"
    3. Select The "Thing Template" attribute value as "MailServer"
    4. Go to "Services" Tab
    5. Click on down arrow in Services
    6. Click on Test "SendMessage"
    7. After opening popup window, fill following required fields,
      • subject
      • to
      • from
      • body
      • Click on Test
      • I am getting below Error
      • Unable to Invoke Service SendMessage on Test-email : Could not connect to SMTP host: smtp.gmail.com, port: 25


    Please suggest, what are all the steps need to be followed to send a successful Email/message.