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    DataConnect payload for creation of dataset from thingworx

    Hi Team,


    I have just started working with thingworx analytics with thingworx platform, currently i am trying to create analytics definition and executing it in order to create dataset with data in thingworx analytics. The moment i execute the definition i see that the required artifacts are created in System Repository and the request is going to DataConnect server aswell, but the service request fails with error 'primaryKey is required' (logs in dataconnect server), i investigated further and found that the primaryKey definition is not being sent in the REST request payload (payload.JSON), but as per the data connect api documents primayKey details are mandatory in request JSON. for some reason thingworx is not adding required JSON fields in the request playload to dataconnect, Pleas advice.


    below are few basic things that i have already took care of

    1. DataShape used in analytics definition has field marked as primary key

    2. data is being retrieved appropriately (time series data)

    3. Dataconnect server configuration is done properly in platform sub system.


    environment details


    Thingworx Platform : 7.2.3-b48


    Thanks and Regards,