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    Selected drop down value on mashup load

    I am loading some drop down lists with string values that are used to display a variety of values depending on the selection.


    I have a data table that stores the settings per user so that each time the page is loaded the proper values are restored as they were last configured.  My data is being display correctly in my grid based on the saved values in the data table.  However, the selected value is not reflected/displayed in the list widget when the mashup is loaded.


    I have tried a number of things to try to get the selected values to be shown in the list widget when the mashup loads, but so far I have not had any success.  I am attempting to use the SelectedText parameter, but this doesn't seem to be doing anything.  Do I need to create a list of numerical values to tie to the ValueField in order to get this working?


    Please let me know what I am missing.  I have tried the same setup in two versions of ThingWorx Composer to make sure it wasn't an issue in my current version.