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    QueryDataTableEntries with with maxItems undefined returns only 500 records

    Hi Team,


    In many places of our code, we use services like QueryDataTableEntries,GetDataTableEntries . we expected that query parameters with maxItems undefined, we would fetch all the records. but it will return only 500 records(May be first 500 based on the primary key). so if have a logic like as below,

    var params = {

    maxItems: undefined /* NUMBER */


    // result: INFOTABLE

    var RKTableEntries= Things["RkDataTable"].GetDataTableEntries(params);


    var query = {

      "filters": {

        "fieldName": "isDeleted",

        "type": "EQ",

        "value": false





    var params = {

        t: resultOfCombinedAsset /* INFOTABLE */,

        query: query /* QUERY */




    // result: INFOTABLE

    var resultofSubQuery= Resources["InfoTableFunctions"].Query(params);



    So the resultofSubQuery is done on the 500 records instead of entire table. Please let me know if there is any number or term that we can use similar to undefined, to avoid this problem.?


    Thanks in advance.