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    jrajesh Newbie

    Trouble installing TWX Analytics

    I am trying to install the ThingWorx Analytics Server Standalone. I am referring to the ThingWorx-Analytics-VMBuilder-Installation-Guide-52-1.pdf.


    Following are the steps given:

    To use the ThingWorx Analytics image builder, you will need the following:

    • At least one of the following virtualization products must be installed:

    Oracle VirtualBox v5.0.4 or higher

    VMWare Workstation v12 or higher

    HashiCorp Packer must be installed and located in the system path.

    Packer Post Processor VHD must be installed and placed next to the Packer

    1. binaries. Follow the installation instructions provided on the Packer site

    ReadMe page.


      Can you please help with what the highlighted text means?