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    how to bind selected rows text (grid) from one mashup to other mashup list widget to selected text?



    I have two mashups (gridMash & popupMash). In gridMash i have one grid widget which have 3 columns(key1,key2 and name) and two buttons ADD & EDIT.

    in popupMash i have two list widgets as dropdown and two buttons(stack) ADD & EDIT. if i click on ADD i am adding new values in grid, if i click on EDIT then i am passing the selected row(grid)  values to popupMash. i have created mashup parameters in popupMash. i have binded the key1 mashup parameter to selected text of list widget1 and key2 to listwidget2 selected text and i have also filled the valuefield. but i am not getting the selected text in list dropdown widget. can anyone help me where i am missing.