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    pbaierl Creator

    Export Data Widget

    I am trying to implement the export data widget in some of my mashups.  I am able to get the export data widget to work fine when I am logged in as a developer or as an administrator.  However, if I am logged in as a normal user the export data widget does nothing.  I didn't see any messages in the log showing that it was a permissions issue.


    Any suggestions on what permissions/visibility setting I need in order to enable the export data button?


    Thanks in advance for any help/direction you can provide.





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        pchung Collaborator

        That is strange, the application Log should say something.

        Use the developer tools and see what happens when you click on Export client side.

        But it basically depends on the same service that retrieves the data that you are displaying correct?

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            pbaierl Creator

            I double checked the service permissions and everything was correct.  I restarted my browser and the service is working now.  Thanks for the help.  I guess some of the changes I had made didn't take affect right away.