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    WS EMS vs Edge SDK

    Hi. I'll develop an application which is going to retrieve data from a machine and process it to Thingworx Platform. So, i have a doubt about what to use to achieve this communication.


    ¿Is there any difference in using WS EMS or Edge SDK?

    ¿Are EMS  and Edge SDK the same concept?


    Thank You for your time.

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        aanjan Heavyweight Champ

        Eddison, it ultimately depends on your use case; including what you're trying to do and what device. The C SDK is pretty much the base for all, so even the Edge MicroServer (EMS) is based off that. Using either-or depends on what the device supports, do you want minimalistic code footprint, does it have to be light weight, does it have a linux-based OS or does it have an ARM or ARM-HWFPU processor etc. From a functionality standpoint, they are very similar, but there are slight differences amongst the SDK themselves.

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          cgerdes Newbie

          And you can say yes, it is the same concept.

          Its all about the "device" software.

          But its prepared for different (device-)hardware.