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    tw-c-sdk fails to use offline message storage

    I have an issue with the c-sdk-  when connecting to a Thingworx hosted server 7.2.3-b48


    If my device has an active internet connection the sdk posts to the server without a problem. When I test the scenario where the connection drops off (our device is mobile). The system start to post to the offline message store for about 25 messages error code 308 (which is expected), and then there is a 15 second delay and I get the error 1113 (service not available) , the message is not added to the offline message store. I can see the offline message store file growing in size ( I think the largest I ever saw it was 7K - far below my limit) before the error code 1113 is returned, but not after. When I reconnect the internet only the readings that received the 308 error code in the offline_msg_store are sent to the server.


    Here are some pertinent settings

    from my make file

    export OFFLINE_MSG_STORE = 2


    from twDefaultSettings.h

    #define OFFLINE_MSG_QUEUE_SIZE 1048576


    here is how I am sending the reading

    res = twApi_PushProperties(TW_THING, thingName, proplist, -1, TRUE);

    followed by

    res = twApi_DeletePropertyList(proplist);


    I am aware of the following error, but I have no idea if this is related ( FYI it is still present in this version of the SDK)

    CS241898 - The Offline Message Store in the C SDK loses the first property update upon disconnect with ThingWorx Platfor…